Beginning in September 2008, the Stamford Water Pollution Control Authority and Solid Waste/Recycling began collaborating to provide public education on the importance of water in our lives, the wastewater treatment process, stormwater management, and protecting our environment through recycling. Group Tours can be scheduled for Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM from April through October.  From Kindergartners to Senior Groups, the content can be modified to be age and interest appropriate. 

The tours include classroom education on the wastewater treatment process including "show-and-tells" followed by a walk around the Plant to see the process in-action; total time for a small group tour is at least 1.5 hours.  Tourists should report to Building #11 (entrance is near the flagpoles) and follow signs to the 3rd Floor Education Room.

Student/Large Group Tours of up to 100 visitors can also be accommodated at one time - visitors are divided into three groups of approximately 30-35, each group participates in an activity for approximately 45-50 minutes, then they all rotate so every visitor sees all topics. Total time for large groups is approximately 3 hours.  

Please note that all visitors must wear sturdy footwear for the walking tour (boots or non-cloth shoes are recommended; no sandals, open-toe, open-heel, or high-heel footwear is allowed).  Tourists are also encouraged to bring proper outerwear for the tour as the Plant is typically quite breezy in all seasons. 

 Important Information for Visitors

About the Student/Group Tour Program

The three activities are:

  • Wastewater Treatment Process Overview
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour
  • Solid Waste/Recycling and Stormwater Education

During the Wastewater Education portion, the students view an animated graphic of the wastewater treatment process, including the collection system. Actual samples are presented for illustration. Live microscopic footage of the Activated Sludge Process is also included for educational examples. The goal is for students to realize that Wastewater treatment is a natural process with very few chemicals; that wastewater and stormwater are not combined, but separate and therefore, stormwater pollution is something that only the actions of individuals can control.

While on the Wastewater Plant Facility Tour, students view the wastewater process in operation while wearing hard hats for safety and protection. The tour proceeds through the actual flow of the plant and includes the Solid Processing Facility, stressing the importance of de-watering the solids and that Biosolids have beneficial uses.

The Solid Waste/Recycling session teaches what and how to recycle and may include an age-appropriate activity on recycling.  Educators present the Single Stream Recycling program, stressing the importance and financial benefit of recycling and introduce goals and incentives to increase school and public participation in the mandatory program.  This message is segued into Stormwater Education through a brief video and discussion of the impact of pollution on receiving bodies of water and how trash should be recycled and not discarded in the environment where it can impact fish and other wildlife as well as water quality at local beaches!


For more information or to schedule a visit/speaker, contact:
Mary Lee Santoro, Laboratory Analyst & Public Outreach Coordinator.

Phone: 203-977-4293
Fax: 203-977-5081

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